Hallux valgus, lack of support, compression of feet, pain and cold
Find here tips for choosing your ski, hiking, walking shoes.


You have problems with your thermo liners for ski touring, ask yourself the question, how was the liner formed.

Normally liners "gfit Garmont/Scott", "Scarpa Intuition" or other Thermoflex, it is imperative to be heated in a special oven. Thus, the neoprene foam will soften (temperature 120 °) and can then match the morphology of the foot and that of the shell.
From there, it will go much better. If it does not, we could see a second or even a third forming enough to reach your comfort.

Never listen to a salesperson who tells you that:

    - "Do not worry, it forms alone!"


    - "Simple forming with heating pious enough"

    This WRONG (also, unless it is the Garmont/Scott device)


Here is some information shaping liners at home. The manufacturer of these liners that is close to us in Pontacq (64) has given us a method, and follow the everything will be fine, not exceed the heating time we can not be held responsible.

Only oven in convection mode at 100 °C (120 °C max)

We must put the cold oven and leave 7/8 minutes (the time they soften but not burn !!)

Allow 2 plastic bags in which you step foot (it better slip into the boot)

The liner has softened, put it right into the hull respecting the foot left foot right direction (even if experience does not avoid confusion we sometimes ...).

Then insert your feet and close the brackets without tightening them just enough pressure to maintain good foot as if you were skiing.

Empower you to a magazine because you remain motionless 30 minutes, in the mounted position, and in the flexed position so that your feet do their footprint in the shoe, which will itself make its mark in the hull.

For even better and leave space to the toes, put a foam cabochon 3/4 mm to toes before putting plastic bags (for the France: we can send you a pair of studs special we ask you to return quickly after, because we have only just)

We hope these clear explanations.

 A solution to recalcitrant feet

Thermoflex these slippers are purchasable without hulls, we sell them.
They are regularly a solution for rough or painful feet can find place in a ski shell (alpine or hiking).

The big advantage they offer is that they model themselves easily to unleash a hallux valgus (bunion), prominent and painful maléoles, double maléoles heads, wide outside metatarsal toes overlapping reconstructed feet surgically, and all these evils which are the displeasure of sporting activities by disability.

There is always a solution to everything, yet he must have wanted to deal with it, that's our job, it's our difference.

 Thermoformed insoles, injections, shell deformations

It also represents our skills, our business.

We work with you to Conform'ableSidas treads to your plantar reliefs to support your feet and soothe such pain: tingling, numbness, cramps, cold.

We only work plantar base, not the basin height differentials, these calibrations are exclusively for podiatrists doctors, each his job, we work on not benign medical ailments.

There are these insoles for alpine skiing and skating, trekking, this is what we sell, but also we have access to golf, cycling, ...

For skiers seeking the ultimate precision in their shoes, we put the slippers.

You need more space to particular places in your shoes, we have the equipment necessary to deform the shell to a safe place, maléoles, metatarsals, calves.

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